Vienna Waits For You (Short Film Showcase)


Next up in our Short Film Showcase series is Vienna Waits For You, a gentle yet deeply unsettling body shock horror that warns that everything, no matter how much of a bargain it may seem, has a price.

Directed by Dominik Hartl, Vienna Waits For You tells the story of Anna, a young woman who is seeking an apartment in Austria’s capital city. So when she comes across a spacious, if slightly dated, pad at a bargain price she is delighted, but she soon learns that she is paying a greater cost than mere money. Hiding underneath the doilies and fading wallpaper there lurks a living presence that is determined to feed off of Anna’s vitality, decaying her body as she grows weaker.

Straddling the line between body shock horror and unsettling suspense flick, Vienna Waits For You is a great example of making a viewer feel uncomfortable without resorting to shock tactics and jump scares. The effects make up is superb, and lead Petra Staduan does a great job of conveying both Anna’s failing physical vitality and descent from rage into muted acceptance. The film is beautifully put together, and the final, lingering shot will stay in your mind long after the credits have rolled.


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